The love of art

I love art, I love art galleries, I love the peace of art and galleries. When I tell people this they either agree or look at me like I’ve grown a second head. Art galleries aren’t scary just peaceful. There is nothing right or wrong with art, it either appeals or doesn’t. Just because one person doesn’t like it doesn’t make it any less valid. Art is like reading, everyone appreciates different genres, authors, styles etc. I tell my son this all the time.

Today we visited a local art gallery, which has a lovely children’s art space. We created our own ‘hidden cards’ and finger puppets.

It was a fun session, full of laughter as the children explained their ideas, none ridiculous or stupid, just full of imagination.

Later we took a look at the artwork on the walls, created by famous artists and local schoolchildren. I love how open children are, very opinionated, full of explanations of why they do or don’t like a painting/sculpture but accepting of others views. I think it’s important to encourage children to talk openly but also listen, its a skill more adults should learn.

The list

So the list, simple you would think, well think again ! Pick one and do it. Well it’s not as easy as it seems. Some of the so called ‘easy’ tasks are proving a little more complicated.The IMDb challenge for example, shouldn’t be too hard to watch 250 films over 8 years, but the list is regularly updated with new films. So do I pick a list and stick with it or adapt as we go, watching 250 that appear on any IMDb list ? Do previously watched films count towards completion or do I need to re-watch them ? Questions, questions and more questions…

Also I’ve changed the ’50 random acts of kindness’ as I think this is a little difficult to keep track of how many have been completed. I’ve decided to re-word it, now it is – do a random act of kindness every month. This will be easier to achieve and will be around 100 over the years so more worthy in the long run.



50 things

It started as a joke during a quieter moment in work. 50 things to do before reaching 50. So the list began, simple things, visit more museums, reading more, activities to try but then we really started to talk about it. How about adding things that would enrich a life, mine or others, learn new things. So the list grew. Finally we had a list :

  1. Be a tourist in your own city – started and will continue to blog about it.
  2. Spend the day at the spa. completed December 2017
  3. Go on a ghost hunt/tour. – completed 13th August 2016 (shiverpool Ghost tour)
  4. Do 50 random acts of kindness – well underway, will continue
  5. Watch every movie on IMDb top 250 list – started (see blog post The list)
  6. Complete a book challenge – didn’t complete 2016 one but will update 
  7. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
  8. Visit 50 new museums – started – still ongoing
  9. Visit 50 castles/stately homes – in progress
  10. Knit for charity – completed but will continue (see blog post I’m knitting again)
  11. Ride a segway.
  12. Sponsor a child – have been researching and will start this soon.
  13. Climb a rock wall.
  14. Indoor skydive.
  15. Do a zip line.
  16. Do an abseil (I’m changing this) – I completed a 50ft powerfan jump from the tower N is for …
  17. Plant a tree (or two) Completed 2018
  18. Start a blog – started 
  19. Go camping.
  20. Start a fire without matches.
  21. Leave an inspirational message on a sticky note in a bathroom or public place. I’ve been doing this since January 2018
  22. Learn a language and use it.
  23. Complete a 5 km.
  24. Complete a 10 km.
  25. Complete a half marathon.
  26. Complete a full marathon.
  27. Ride a horse.
  28. Start a scrap book.
  29. Do a 365 photo project.
  30. Find someone with the same name.
  31. Send a message in a bottle or balloon, keep trying until you get a reply.
  32. Visit Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh and London. Completed 2017
  33. Walk along Hadrian’s wall.
  34. See the white cliffs of Dover.
  35. Visit the Eden project.
  36. See the Giants causeway.
  37. Visit Bath.
  38. Explore Oxford and Cambridge.
  39. Go to the Chelsea flower show.
  40. Go canoeing.  – completed see N is for … 
  41. join a book group or craft club.
  42. Hug someone everyday, family not included. – started but this is proving impossible.
  43. Eat fish and chips on a pier (Blackpool/Southport not included)
  44. Take a selfie at John O’Groats and Lands end.
  45. Swim with dolphins/sharks. – completed see A dream come true
  46. Climb the Great Orme or Snowdon.
  47. Treetop/rope walk
  48. Enter a competition, keep trying until you win (lottery not included)
  49. Ice skate – completed December 2016
  50. Picnic on the beach. Completed summer 2018

So this is it, some things easily achievable whilst others take a bit of planning, time and money. 8 years to complete all above, should be easy, right ?

Wish me luck I think I’ll need it….