The list

So the list, simple you would think, well think again ! Pick one and do it. Well it’s not as easy as it seems. Some of the so called ‘easy’ tasks are proving a little more complicated.The IMDb challenge for example, shouldn’t be too hard to watch 250 films over 8 years, but the list is regularly updated with new films. So do I pick a list and stick with it or adapt as we go, watching 250 that appear on any IMDb list ? Do previously watched films count towards completion or do I need to re-watch them ? Questions, questions and more questions…

Also I’ve changed the ’50 random acts of kindness’ as I think this is a little difficult to keep track of how many have been completed. I’ve decided to re-word it, now it is – do a random act of kindness every month. This will be easier to achieve and will be around 100 over the years so more worthy in the long run.




5 thoughts on “The list

  1. I really identify with this post. The simple-not-simple thing is something I’m having issues with as well. Some of the simpler things on my list seem to take the longest. I’m glad you’re figuring out how to make the list something that makes sense to you. I feel like sometimes I have an idea of the way I want the list item to go and other times it’s difficult to think of specifics or logistics of how I’ll accomplish it. Keep it up! Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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