Inspirational quotes

Facebook seems to be awash with people posting inspirational quotes and messages recently, or maybe that’s what facebook has decided I want/need to see right now. 

A few have made me stop and think so I thought I would share them with you and my reasons why. 

Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect – we live our lives through social media these days, seeing only the best bits of other people’s lives and it can be very depressing. What you have to remember is everybody has bad days, things don’t always go right but it’s fine, just because they don’t post about it doesn’t mean they have perfection just privacy. Life is not a competition, it’s about living it your way and enjoying it.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible. (Audrey Hepburn) – do what you can but try a little harder each time and goals get closer. Make mistakes, mistakes mean you tried, keep trying and you will get it right. 

It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop (Confucius) – This I understand the most, some days I feel like I’m going backwards instead of forwards. But once in awhile it’s good to look at where you are, where you came from and realise how big that gap is and all you have overcome/accomplished in that time. You will be surprised and motivated to keep moving. 

And my favourite one that has the most meaning and needs no explanation –

My child is the reason I laugh, smile and want to get up in the mornings

(Gena Lee Nolin)




IMG_3444So it’s the start of spring, the daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses are bursting into colour and the days are getting longer. A hopeful time, new beginnings.

I always know when spring is arriving as the cherry blossom starts to appear on the tree in the garden of the church next door. I wake to the sound of the birds singing, earlier and earlier every day.

As the birds are starting to pair up they’re always looking for nest building material, a garden clean up usually helps them with this task, I leave small twigs and dried grass in a pile. It encourages the insects, bedding and food in one place. Also a well stocked bird feeder and table for mama bird to fatten up ready for sitting on her eggs.

The butterflies are just starting to make an appearance now after a winter sleep and the bright colours stand out against the greens and browns from winter. Plus fat bees are starting to buzz around.

I always find spring an optimistic season, things are starting to grow, develop and take shape. Spring is the best time to make those ‘new year’ resolutions, not hung-over and tired in the festive winter season.

My favourite part of spring was always the planning of allotment crops and watching everything starting to bud. Maybe not this year but by next spring we will be planting and planning again.

My film challenge dilemma

One of the challenges on my 50 before 50 list is to watch every movie on the IMdb top 250 list, however as previously discussed, I had a dilemma with this one as the list is constantly updated with new films.

I think I have figured a solution to the problem, I have printed a current list and marked off all the films I have seen, not a bad total of 115 out of 250. I won’t list them all or we could be here a while (unless you really want me too).

Then each year, the week after the Academy awards (Oscars) I will print off a new list and mark how many new (in the last 12 months) films on that list I have watched and update the figure.

This seems the easiest option as the list is updated almost daily. If you think of an easier way or better idea feel free to offer it, but bear in mind this challenge has another 7 years to run and I enjoy watching films, although not a huge t.v fan, I tend to binge watch series once they have finished.

Versatile blogger award/ 7 facts about me

I was nominated by Becky at Inbeckyshead for the versatile blogger award, I feel very honoured as I am just about to reach my one month anniversary and never really expected anyone to read my blog, let alone comment, follow and enjoy it.

Anyhow, here are my 7 facts about me …..

  1. I live with my young son, my mum and my step-dad. It’s a good mix of ages and we all get along pretty well. The house is in need of a little repair and this is being started soon so beware, tempers may fray and pictures will be added….
  2. I love Indian food, spicy curries cooked properly and not just hot for the sake of being hot. I adore the strong flavours of ginger, garlic and chilli but detest (with a passion) coriander, it is the devil’s food.
  3. I’m not a big t.v watcher but will binge-watch series, the walking dead was my latest watch, the whole lot over 10 days. I love films, especially at the cinema and will often go off alone to watch the latest film to catch my eye.
  4. My favourite country is Italy, I love the people, food, landscape, cities, architecture and history. I was actually married in Verona, it was very beautiful but unfortunately it didn’t last, not Verona’s fault. If I won the lottery tomorrow  Italy would be my first stop. Florence is my favourite, so far.
  5. I’m a secret minecraft addict, it started a few years ago when my (then) 7 year old wanted help and someone to play with, the joys of having an only child ! I loved it and so did he it was quality mum/son time. The best part was when one of his friends described me as a ‘cool mum’ because I play games with him.
  6. I enjoy my own company and being on my own. I’m a sociable person but not very social. I don’t enjoy very crowded places, and after an accident a few years back I suffer with tinnitus so too much noise can make this unbearable.  One of the reasons for ‘the list’ was to push the comfort zone boundaries. It seems to be working.
  7. If you haven’t already noticed I have an allotment, I love it. One day I might actually get to grow something other than weeds, nettles and brambles. Watch this space ….


So there we are, a few secrets about me. Now to share the love.

First the rules

  • Thank the person who gave you this award. It’s common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you cannot figure that out, go to their nomination post and thank them personally.
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly who you deem as versatile and excellent in their writing and nominate/award them with the Versatile Blogger Award. (If you don’t nominate 15 bloggers, it’s ok)


 Finally, share 7 things about yourself. The person who nominated you probably wants to learn more about you and so do your regular followers.

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Sunshine and spring


The beautiful sun is shining for the first day of spring today. A time to be outdoors and getting busy sorting the overgrown plot, affectionately known as ‘the allotment’

The word allotment conjures up visions of rows of dark soil, wigwams of canes, greenhouses filled with seed trays and pots of flowers everywhere. However mine was very unloved for a long time and is reluctantly shedding the weeds and brambles that have overwhelmed it.

For the last few months it’s been mostly about cutting and chopping the overgrowth, but the piles of woody stems has steadily risen.

Today  I bought a new toy and decided to tackle those piles. I wish I’d bought it sooner, it made short work of the (thankfully) dry brambles and the heat would have been very welcome during the colder winter months. After two hours of cutting and burning one pile was gone, very satisfying to finally see it disappearing.

Spring has definitely sprung today, it was lovely seeing and hearing all the birds, plus butterflies and lots of red-tailed bumblebees buzzing around.

One bonus of all the overgrowth is finding interesting features. This one has been my favourite so far. Can you tell what it is ?




The art of (not) reading

This week I’ve developed a super power. Every time I have opened a book someone speaks to me, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers !

It started just over a week ago on an empty train, I sat down opened my book and started to read. Within minutes a lady got on the empty (apart from myself) compartment and sat next to me. Then she began. ‘Oh it’s lovely to see someone reading a real book and not staring at an electric thing’ I smiled and nodded, then went back to reading. Not a chance, She never stopped, ‘what book are you reading?, what made you choose it? do you like it?’ then she went on to tell me of all the books she had read recently and enjoyed. After 20 minutes it was time to get off. I sadly put away my (unread) book.

Then it happened again, later the same day. I stopped to get a drink, pulled out my book and another lady started chatting to me from another table. Nothing to do with reading or my book, just general chit-chat. Lovely but I just wanted to read !

The theme continued over the next few days, in fact in the last 7 days I’ve managed roughly 3 pages in 6 hours due to interruptions and conversations. I’m tempted to invest in some ear plugs just for reading.


‘Lets go trampolining’ The words every 9 year old wants to hear a parent say. Well mine did, and it was one of the funniest days out we have had.

We booked our one hour session at Spring city in Liverpool, a trampoline park near the city centre. We arrived twenty minutes early, as instructed, and were handed our special gripper socks to change into. Time to watch a short ‘rules and regulations’ video. Then it was time to bounce.

It was great fun, a room filled with trampolines, an air bag to jump into, a trampoline dodgeball court, trampoline basketball and tumble area.


I was nervous at first, I’m not the lightest person or the most agile, but it was such good fun. Although I didn’t think I’d last more than five minutes, when I looked at the clock it was 40 minutes later and my legs were starting to feel it. I loved the main trampoline section but my son loved the air bag, especially doing front flips into it. I had a go but was swallowed by the bag and had to fight my way out.


A day out we will never forget, and will definitely repeat again soon. One we both enjoyed, full of laughter and fun but I’m not sure if my 43 year old bones could take it too often.