The jungle (that will be an allotment)

Six months ago I finally got an allotment, a joint venture with a good friend. The downside, it hadn’t been worked for about 5 years and it was a mess. This was the scene that greeted us on ownership day.


An area at the entrance (roughly 4ft by 10ft) that you could stand on, the rest a jungle.

With some dry weather, a powerful strimmer, a couple of saws and lots of blisters, cuts and bites we’ve managed to find ground.

We’ve almost beaten the 5 foot high jungle of bramble, nettles, ivy and bind weed but still a long, long way to go before any crops can be grown.




Even with all the physical work done and to do it’s still one of the most relaxing, peaceful places I know.

A few more weekends of hard graft and some bonfires and who knows we may even get to growing something later in the year. If not, we’ll have lovely blackberries from the brambles.




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