My city – Liverpool

I love my city. I love the history, it’s architecture, culture, art, the people and even (very occasionally) the shops.

Today I wandered, watching locals and tourists. Seeing what they enjoyed. Taking photographs of things they spotted and finding treasures I’ve never noticed before.

A walk across St Georges plateau, passed my favourite place, Walker art gallery and down to the library.

I love libraries, almost as much as art galleries, but the Picton reading room inside Liverpool central library is something special. It is a beautiful circular room with a domed  ceiling, spiral staircases and wonderful bookcases. Word of warning, it has wonderful acoustics, stand in the centre of the room and whispers echo, lovely and funny but don’t expect a child to ‘only’ whisper because that’s no fun !

From here a stroll across St Johns gardens and into Liverpool one, the main shopping area to look for some special presents then into The Bluecoat, an old school, now an art space, cafe and garden. A peaceful space in the heart of the busy shopping area of the city to sit and relax with a cup of tea, no coffee allowed, due to a promise I made to my lovely boy !

One of my list challenges is being a tourist in your own city, one to be completed over the coming weeks, months and years. Finding new spaces whilst enjoying old favourites. All recommendations gratefully received and will be explored.



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