‘Lets go trampolining’ The words every 9 year old wants to hear a parent say. Well mine did, and it was one of the funniest days out we have had.

We booked our one hour session at Spring city in Liverpool, a trampoline park near the city centre. We arrived twenty minutes early, as instructed, and were handed our special gripper socks to change into. Time to watch a short ‘rules and regulations’ video. Then it was time to bounce.

It was great fun, a room filled with trampolines, an air bag to jump into, a trampoline dodgeball court, trampoline basketball and tumble area.


I was nervous at first, I’m not the lightest person or the most agile, but it was such good fun. Although I didn’t think I’d last more than five minutes, when I looked at the clock it was 40 minutes later and my legs were starting to feel it. I loved the main trampoline section but my son loved the air bag, especially doing front flips into it. I had a go but was swallowed by the bag and had to fight my way out.


A day out we will never forget, and will definitely repeat again soon. One we both enjoyed, full of laughter and fun but I’m not sure if my 43 year old bones could take it too often.


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