The art of (not) reading

This week I’ve developed a super power. Every time I have opened a book someone speaks to me, family, friends, colleagues and even strangers !

It started just over a week ago on an empty train, I sat down opened my book and started to read. Within minutes a lady got on the empty (apart from myself) compartment and sat next to me. Then she began. ‘Oh it’s lovely to see someone reading a real book and not staring at an electric thing’ I smiled and nodded, then went back to reading. Not a chance, She never stopped, ‘what book are you reading?, what made you choose it? do you like it?’ then she went on to tell me of all the books she had read recently and enjoyed. After 20 minutes it was time to get off. I sadly put away my (unread) book.

Then it happened again, later the same day. I stopped to get a drink, pulled out my book and another lady started chatting to me from another table. Nothing to do with reading or my book, just general chit-chat. Lovely but I just wanted to read !

The theme continued over the next few days, in fact in the last 7 days I’ve managed roughly 3 pages in 6 hours due to interruptions and conversations. I’m tempted to invest in some ear plugs just for reading.


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