Sunshine and spring


The beautiful sun is shining for the first day of spring today. A time to be outdoors and getting busy sorting the overgrown plot, affectionately known as ‘the allotment’

The word allotment conjures up visions of rows of dark soil, wigwams of canes, greenhouses filled with seed trays and pots of flowers everywhere. However mine was very unloved for a long time and is reluctantly shedding the weeds and brambles that have overwhelmed it.

For the last few months it’s been mostly about cutting and chopping the overgrowth, but the piles of woody stems has steadily risen.

Today  I bought a new toy and decided to tackle those piles. I wish I’d bought it sooner, it made short work of the (thankfully) dry brambles and the heat would have been very welcome during the colder winter months. After two hours of cutting and burning one pile was gone, very satisfying to finally see it disappearing.

Spring has definitely sprung today, it was lovely seeing and hearing all the birds, plus butterflies and lots of red-tailed bumblebees buzzing around.

One bonus of all the overgrowth is finding interesting features. This one has been my favourite so far. Can you tell what it is ?





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