My film challenge dilemma

One of the challenges on my 50 before 50 list is to watch every movie on the IMdb top 250 list, however as previously discussed, I had a dilemma with this one as the list is constantly updated with new films.

I think I have figured a solution to the problem, I have printed a current list and marked off all the films I have seen, not a bad total of 115 out of 250. I won’t list them all or we could be here a while (unless you really want me too).

Then each year, the week after the Academy awards (Oscars) I will print off a new list and mark how many new (in the last 12 months) films on that list I have watched and update the figure.

This seems the easiest option as the list is updated almost daily. If you think of an easier way or better idea feel free to offer it, but bear in mind this challenge has another 7 years to run and I enjoy watching films, although not a huge t.v fan, I tend to binge watch series once they have finished.


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