New shoes

Last year I was asked by my mum what I wanted for my birthday. I’m not a materialistic person and I’m not one for makeup or trinkets. So we decided to go out for lunch in Liverpool and wander the shops. It was here that my old passion was re-ignited and my mums was started.

We were walking around and I spotted the Dr Martens shop. I had a pair of boots in my teenage years and wore them until they eventually fell off me. In we went to have a look around, after an hour of trying on different styles and colours I came out with these beauties.


A pair of cherry red loafers, I love them.

But a couple of weeks ago I discovered a Dr Martens shop at Cheshire oaks, our local outlet village. The prices were too good to leave empty handed.

I bought myself these.

Metallic purple boots, just gorgeous. So that’s autumn, winter and spring sorted but what about the summer ….


well that’s where these come in. They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, they’re like slippers. Very light and just a delight to wear.

and it was worth paying 5p extra for the bag ….



Back to the jungle

Finally I managed to get back to the allotment, although jungle is more apt than allotment. I was a little worried as I arrived as the weather has been warm and dry for a little while and I’ve not been able to get there with all our building work at home. 

This was the sight that greeted me … 

Lots of bluebells, snowdrops and huge, very loud bumblebees. It was lovely. 

So I set to work, I moved the incinerator bin and started the fire going. My mission was to turn these piles into ash … 


and for an hour it was good going, the fire burned IMG_3809

and the pile started to reduce but then the rain started. Typical British weather strikes again. I muddled on for another half hour but was soaked and trying to keep a fire going in the rain is not fun. Time for a tidy up and another quick photo before dousing the fire and heading home. 


Looking at the before and after pictures made me realise just how much I did achieve in such a short time. Fingers crossed for dry weather overnight and in the morning so I can get back there again. 

One day we will grow veggies, until then we will be happy with all the fruit bushes round the edges and burning stuff. 




Sometimes you drive passed a sign time and time again, until one day you decide to take a look. And that’s what we did.

We turned off a main, and busy road, over a small bridge and into a car park. Not really sure of what we’d find we decided to follow the signs to the rangers office and see what was there.

Unfortunately it was all closed up but we found a map of the site and markers pointing the way to several trails. So off we went.

A beautiful sunny day, a camera each, what more can you ask for.

First we came across a fishing lake, with several people happy lazing in the sunshine waiting for a bite.

Then we wandered on. Through the woods, and down the hill and into the wetlands. So many birds and the quiet was amazing, considering how close we were to roads, houses and the railway.

The reeds were really tall, it would be lovely to hear them in the wind but it was a calm day, maybe next time.


Round a corner and we found these…

He’s not the best with dark places, and with people inside we had to sit and wait until he built up the courage.

Finally we got going, very quickly.

We found the light at the end of the tunnel.


I was chatting about ideas for the blog and this one was put forward, I liked it so here it is.

Reading – Lord of the flies by Williams Golding, it’s part of my reading challenge for the year and my 50 before 50 list.  

Watching – Bates motel, 11.22.63, Limitless, Catfish, I tend to binge-watch programmes rather than watch each episode when it’s on t.v and sometimes I’m a series or two behind everyone else. I love quirky shows and scary/weird ones. American horror story is a favourite series. 

Listening to – Mostly local radio (bbc radio merseyside) with a bit of radio 2 thrown in. 

Eating – A little difficult without a kitchen, but we’re enjoying our homemade soups. I love spicy food, curries and chilli. 

Needing – More money ! (ha ha) mostly a new job and a holiday.

Wanting – More Doc Martens, I got a pair for my birthday last year and it has re-ignited the passion. 

Missing right now – My soul mate, Phil and my beautiful boy.


What about you….

The builders arrived !

Almost nine years ago we moved into our house, it needed lots of work, most of which was done a couple of months before moving in. Some had to wait.

So after eight years of squeezing into a small kitchen and utility room crammed with all the equipment that wouldn’t fit into the aforementioned tiny kitchen, and a back room which was supposed to be my mums sewing room, filled with ‘junk’, we decided enough was enough. We had to do something about it ….

We spoke to a few builders and went through what we wanted, this led to some interesting discussions/arguments about what was possible. Finally we found a couple who understood and worked with us to sort out plans for our perfect space.

And so it began ….. MESS, and lots of it.


The skip arrived at 7.30am on Monday morning, to the delight of our neighbours.

Then the demolition began.


Lots of mess but well worth it once we saw how good the space looked with just the first wall down and still another to remove. Then the electrician came and put in all the new sockets, light fittings and switches.

Then the doors replaced with windows and the room became different again.

Then the final wall removed, window removed and new french doors put into place.

I put the boy to work, all the wallpaper needed removing for the plastering and skimming. He loved it, finally he got to help.


The electrician and gas man returned and the kitchen installation has begun.

Seeing it all take shape is exciting, noisy and mucky but all worth it for a more useable space.

Still lots to do/be done but one thing is for sure it will involve plenty of coffee.IMG_3662


The unknown

Redundancy it’s a scary word, especially if you’ve worked in the same place for 14 years, but I am now staring it in the face. I have a couple of weeks before the big jump into the abyss.

Some days the thought of new ventures, friends, colleagues and employment fills me with excitement and optimism. Other days I’m filled with fear and dread. The dreaded applications, interviews, first day, new people. Things we all fear at times. The fear of the unknown and possibly rejection.

I’m considering taking a short break before looking for a new job, but even that fills me with fear, it’s all the ‘what ifs’ I’ve worked since I left school, aged 16, that’s 27 years of working and now I’m being given time to stop and look around and think, and it’s really quite frightening. Thankfully I have a great supportive family and good friends who I can talk too, some in the same position so feeling the fear also.

We plod through life sometimes wishing for change but when it happens it can be terrifying. But I’m trying to focus on the positives, new job, new challenges. Good friends will always remain but new ones can be formed. Hopefully the summer will be lovely and sunny (not always guaranteed in the U.K) and I’ll be able to enjoy more time with my son and at the allotment.