Blowing away the cobwebs

Yesterday we decided to get out, after all the sadness a change of scenery was needed. The sky was clear and the sun beginning to shine so outdoors it was too be.

We made our way to Chester zoo, making good use of my sons newly acquired green ECO Blue Peter badge. img_3590

We’ve not been since last summer and wanted to check out the new islands now that the animals are all installed. It was lovely wandering around, seeing the animals basking in the spring sunshine. We took a lazy boat ride through the new section, seeing many animals en route.



By midday we had completed the new islands and headed for something to eat. At this point the sky starting getting darker and the gloom set in. We carried on as we always have to see the bats and the two-toed sloth as these are our favourites. This time we weren’t disappointed, the sloth was racing around its rope gym as though it’d been given an espresso and the noise from the bats was incredible.

By now we were on the far side of the zoo and the rain started, it was like monsoon rain. Within minutes we were soaked, through our showerproof coats, with no sign of stopping and the sky getting darker by the second we made our way back to the car.

Only a twenty minute journey home but the closer we got the bluer the sky became. We arrived home cold, wet and very bedraggled.

The plus side, with the sun shining our clothes, coats and shoes were washed and dried before dark.

spot the monkeys !


One thought on “Blowing away the cobwebs

  1. Looks like you had a great day at Chester Zoo. You deserve a day out, hope you enjoyed it x I’m having a bit of a problem spotting the monkeys, ha ha ha xxx

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