Mud, Mud and temper tantrums

Half term is nearly over and the routine has pretty much gone out the window. this morning we settled down to finishing off some homework, but it very quickly descended into bickering. After a proper stamping, shouting temper tantrum (not me) I decided homework could wait and exercise and fresh air was needed.

So off we went, a short drive to a local country park with woodlands, fields, tracks to explore and a bear pit to find.IMG_3607

Eastham Country park is a lovely, peaceful place to visit. however it is always muddy, even in the summer. Still a change of shoes in the car and armed with a football we were ready to adventure.

First we took the footpath into the woods, we saw squirrels, wood pigeons, magpies, robins, blackbirds and even a beautiful jay landed close by. The further we ventured the muddier it became, and slippier.

This lead to a few funny moments but I did manage to keep upright. We followed the trail and found some, but not all, of the sculptures hidden along the way.

Finally we made our way up to the back of the woods and the huge football pitch area, it was sunny and warm but most of all it was dry and mud free. We had a kick-about with the football and got most of the mud from our boots before we then had to venture back inside. This led to our funniest moment, a tree. One thing we always look for is faces in things and this was the best one, to date.


Who startled this tree ?

After giving the frightened tree a quick hug we wandered, and slid down the muddy slopes to the old bear pit. In Victorian times this area housed a zoo, one of the highlights was a bear baiting, thankfully the world has moved on and this no longer happens (in this country at least)

The gate was open so little bear made the short journey down into the pit.


Finally after all the walking it was time for our favourite part of the day.




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