The unknown

Redundancy it’s a scary word, especially if you’ve worked in the same place for 14 years, but I am now staring it in the face. I have a couple of weeks before the big jump into the abyss.

Some days the thought of new ventures, friends, colleagues and employment fills me with excitement and optimism. Other days I’m filled with fear and dread. The dreaded applications, interviews, first day, new people. Things we all fear at times. The fear of the unknown and possibly rejection.

I’m considering taking a short break before looking for a new job, but even that fills me with fear, it’s all the ‘what ifs’ I’ve worked since I left school, aged 16, that’s 27 years of working and now I’m being given time to stop and look around and think, and it’s really quite frightening. Thankfully I have a great supportive family and good friends who I can talk too, some in the same position so feeling the fear also.

We plod through life sometimes wishing for change but when it happens it can be terrifying. But I’m trying to focus on the positives, new job, new challenges. Good friends will always remain but new ones can be formed. Hopefully the summer will be lovely and sunny (not always guaranteed in the U.K) and I’ll be able to enjoy more time with my son and at the allotment.


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