The builders arrived !

Almost nine years ago we moved into our house, it needed lots of work, most of which was done a couple of months before moving in. Some had to wait.

So after eight years of squeezing into a small kitchen and utility room crammed with all the equipment that wouldn’t fit into the aforementioned tiny kitchen, and a back room which was supposed to be my mums sewing room, filled with ‘junk’, we decided enough was enough. We had to do something about it ….

We spoke to a few builders and went through what we wanted, this led to some interesting discussions/arguments about what was possible. Finally we found a couple who understood and worked with us to sort out plans for our perfect space.

And so it began ….. MESS, and lots of it.


The skip arrived at 7.30am on Monday morning, to the delight of our neighbours.

Then the demolition began.


Lots of mess but well worth it once we saw how good the space looked with just the first wall down and still another to remove. Then the electrician came and put in all the new sockets, light fittings and switches.

Then the doors replaced with windows and the room became different again.

Then the final wall removed, window removed and new french doors put into place.

I put the boy to work, all the wallpaper needed removing for the plastering and skimming. He loved it, finally he got to help.


The electrician and gas man returned and the kitchen installation has begun.

Seeing it all take shape is exciting, noisy and mucky but all worth it for a more useable space.

Still lots to do/be done but one thing is for sure it will involve plenty of coffee.IMG_3662



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