I was chatting about ideas for the blog and this one was put forward, I liked it so here it is.

Reading – Lord of the flies by Williams Golding, it’s part of my reading challenge for the year and my 50 before 50 list.  

Watching – Bates motel, 11.22.63, Limitless, Catfish, I tend to binge-watch programmes rather than watch each episode when it’s on t.v and sometimes I’m a series or two behind everyone else. I love quirky shows and scary/weird ones. American horror story is a favourite series. 

Listening to – Mostly local radio (bbc radio merseyside) with a bit of radio 2 thrown in. 

Eating – A little difficult without a kitchen, but we’re enjoying our homemade soups. I love spicy food, curries and chilli. 

Needing – More money ! (ha ha) mostly a new job and a holiday.

Wanting – More Doc Martens, I got a pair for my birthday last year and it has re-ignited the passion. 

Missing right now – My soul mate, Phil and my beautiful boy.


What about you….


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