Sometimes you drive passed a sign time and time again, until one day you decide to take a look. And that’s what we did.

We turned off a main, and busy road, over a small bridge and into a car park. Not really sure of what we’d find we decided to follow the signs to the rangers office and see what was there.

Unfortunately it was all closed up but we found a map of the site and markers pointing the way to several trails. So off we went.

A beautiful sunny day, a camera each, what more can you ask for.

First we came across a fishing lake, with several people happy lazing in the sunshine waiting for a bite.

Then we wandered on. Through the woods, and down the hill and into the wetlands. So many birds and the quiet was amazing, considering how close we were to roads, houses and the railway.

The reeds were really tall, it would be lovely to hear them in the wind but it was a calm day, maybe next time.


Round a corner and we found these…

He’s not the best with dark places, and with people inside we had to sit and wait until he built up the courage.

Finally we got going, very quickly.

We found the light at the end of the tunnel.


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