Back to the jungle

Finally I managed to get back to the allotment, although jungle is more apt than allotment. I was a little worried as I arrived as the weather has been warm and dry for a little while and I’ve not been able to get there with all our building work at home. 

This was the sight that greeted me … 

Lots of bluebells, snowdrops and huge, very loud bumblebees. It was lovely. 

So I set to work, I moved the incinerator bin and started the fire going. My mission was to turn these piles into ash … 


and for an hour it was good going, the fire burned IMG_3809

and the pile started to reduce but then the rain started. Typical British weather strikes again. I muddled on for another half hour but was soaked and trying to keep a fire going in the rain is not fun. Time for a tidy up and another quick photo before dousing the fire and heading home. 


Looking at the before and after pictures made me realise just how much I did achieve in such a short time. Fingers crossed for dry weather overnight and in the morning so I can get back there again. 

One day we will grow veggies, until then we will be happy with all the fruit bushes round the edges and burning stuff. 




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