New shoes

Last year I was asked by my mum what I wanted for my birthday. I’m not a materialistic person and I’m not one for makeup or trinkets. So we decided to go out for lunch in Liverpool and wander the shops. It was here that my old passion was re-ignited and my mums was started.

We were walking around and I spotted the Dr Martens shop. I had a pair of boots in my teenage years and wore them until they eventually fell off me. In we went to have a look around, after an hour of trying on different styles and colours I came out with these beauties.


A pair of cherry red loafers, I love them.

But a couple of weeks ago I discovered a Dr Martens shop at Cheshire oaks, our local outlet village. The prices were too good to leave empty handed.

I bought myself these.

Metallic purple boots, just gorgeous. So that’s autumn, winter and spring sorted but what about the summer ….


well that’s where these come in. They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, they’re like slippers. Very light and just a delight to wear.

and it was worth paying 5p extra for the bag ….




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