I only have three weeks left before I leave work and it’s an interesting time. It’s been such a huge part of my life, over 14 years, that I feel sad to be going but am optimistic and know the future holds new challenges. Moving from my comfort zone and into the unknown, exciting and scary times ahead.

Meeting new people can be quite stressful. I’m not the most outgoing of people. I’m a warm, friendly, even sociable person but not a social person. I love my own company and often crave quiet solitude, which probably explains why I love libraries and art galleries. Not the busiest or noisiest of places. Strange really because I currently work in an office filled with hundreds of people, it’s very noisy and always busy and yet I love it. In fact thinking about it, I’ve always worked in noisy environments and generally with lots of different people. Maybe that’s why I need to solitude in my leisure time.

I am enjoying pushing myself to try new things, challenge the comfort zone and expand my boundaries. I’m learning new things about myself and even writing this has given me an insight into the weird and wonderful workings of my brain.

I am looking forward to some quality time over summer with my boy, hopefully enjoying the sunshine and maybe I’ll even get through all those weeds on the allotment and finally find the soil…

I think I’m finally starting to live life, exploring it and the more I write about it the more I realise I’m enjoying it.



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