Sunshine at last

Three whole beautiful sunshine filled, child-free days could only mean one thing…. Allotment (and fire).

Finally managed to clear the cuttings and wood pile from last years bramble cull. The pile at it’s worst was roughly eight foot wide by 4 foot high. Now it’s just a small pile of ash and a small pile which will go in the next fire. Very satisfying.

pile on the left still to burn, pile on right all gone ! 

So now last years cuttings have been dealt with it’s time to start working on this years growth and working out how/where and what we want our allotment to be. The ground hasn’t been worked for roughly five years and before that the old chap only worked very small areas, he loved roses and gooseberries apparently (we have tons), he was in  his 90’s and when the council tried to take his allotment away he appealed saying ‘he fought in WW1 and WW2 so be grateful’ it worked.

One thing is for certain the wildlife is blooming and the birds are enjoying the bugs being disturbed. The fox has decamped from our plot into next door, which has been empty for some time. He’s quite a nosy thing and was watching me through the bushes today, I think he enjoys me talking nonsense to him.

So things to do :

  1. strim/brush cut this years weeds.
  2. rotavate the land.
  3. purchase lots of black plastic to kill off weeds. Any ideas where to buy this would be helpful.
  4. remove the lower fence and move it to the top section, making a car port at the bottom.
  5. build a compost area.

All do-able by the end of this year provided the weather behaves.

The advantage of spending extra days and going at different times than usual means I’ve made a couple of new friends plus been given lots of tips and advice on what to do/not to do, oh and been offered some chickens to help clear the weeds (I declined) lovely idea but maybe sometime in the future.

So for now we’re enjoying the positives – sunshine, gooseberries, wild garlic, and wildlife. What more does anyone need ?



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