Trivia and silliness

This has been doing the rounds on Facebook and Instagram for a little while and I’ve been asked/nominated by a few people to take part. I thought it would be good on here as I can write once but share to many people in one go.

So the rules – every answer must start with the letter of your first name (simple as that)

  1. Name – Claire
  2. Animal – Cheetah
  3. Boys name – Clive
  4. Girls name – Clarabel
  5. Colour – Copper (our new kitchen colour)
  6. Movie – Cars or Carrie (the original)
  7. Something you wear – Clothes
  8. A drink – Coffee (of course)
  9. Food – Cassoulet, Chorizo or Chilli (I love spicy foods)
  10. Something in the bathroom – Cabinet
  11. Place – China (a place I will visit one day in honour of my lost soul-mate)
  12. Reason to be late – ‘Couldn’t be bothered’ (this is my sons favourite saying currently)
  13. Famous person – Clarice Cliff
  14. Plant – Calla lily
  15. Disney character – Cheshire Cat
  16. Comic book/superhero – Captain America
  17. Book – Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
  18. Shakespeare character – Cordelia

It’s harder than it seems, why not have a go.


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