The countdown begins …

Only 1 week left in work and it’s a strange feeling. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last few days. When the redundancy was first offered it was all about the decision and deadline, once that was over it was the wait to be confirmed then the three month notice began.

It feels like years ago not five months, but finally it’s here, the end. But it’s not.

Thinking about it over the weekend, I’m not as sad about leaving as I expected to be. I won’t miss the work, it has changed over the last couple of years and has become tedious and repetitive and where once I felt pride and satisfaction in my work now I feel numb to it. I do it, I do it well but I’ll do the same again tomorrow, there’s no satisfaction there anymore. It’s only the people that stops the tedium, most of them I will miss but with all the social media I’ll interact with them on a daily basis still, just in a different way.

When I left my last job, nearly 15 years ago, social media wasn’t the ‘thing’. it was all exchanging phone numbers and addresses, then arranging to meet up but quickly it died away with people’s job and lives getting in the way. Now though feels very different because I will still see these people everyday, maybe not in person but via social media and I can be in contact with anyone or everyone at any time.

This weekend proved a point as my phone has pinged with texts, whatsapp and facebook messages from the people ‘I’m leaving’ next week, I think this proves I’m not leaving just moving location. I’ll still be part of peoples lives and they mine, well until they hit the delete button on 1st June.

So I don’t feel as sad about going, I feel scared about what’s ahead but I know I’ve got a ton of people supporting me, both at home and online so it will be fine. My life will continue and you’ll all be along for the journey, as they say on x-factor.


2 thoughts on “The countdown begins …

  1. You be brave xxx As one door closes, another door opens. Believe in yourself and your abilities . We are programmed to think that we are unable to find another job. Employers can be very negative and knock our confidence. You go for it, who knows you might find a better future for yourself and your son.
    Sue x

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