Friendship and food

Today I went shopping, not my favourite task but at least it wasn’t for clothes. I was buying a few leaving gifts for friends at work. I had Jen with me, my best buddy, probably the only person other than Phil I can be myself with. Since he died a couple of months ago she has been a great support. I can talk, whinge or just be quiet. She doesn’t mind because she ‘gets’ it, understands me and it works both ways.

In my quest for ‘the perfect gifts’ we ventured over to Liverpool, in the middle of a bomb scare (which was a faulty security tag) but the shop I wanted had closed down. Now I was stumped, so for half an hour we wandered and chatted and decided food was in order.

We made our way onto Bold street and just our luck, Bakchich, serving Lebanese street food had a table in the window, perfect for people watching, and bank holiday weekend in Liverpool meant we saw some interesting sights.


The food was devine, we had a meat and vegetarian mezze, we sat and chatted, munched and watched the world go by for over an hour. Never once did we feel rushed to order, eat or leave. IMG_3562 (2)

But finally we did and we had a plan of shops to visit and it was a success. Within an hour I had bought all the presents I had set out to get plus found a couple of new quirky shops, one shop, Mi Vida, I thought was a florist but turned out to have the most beautiful gifts at reasonable prices and they have a craft club, so I’ll be looking into that in the future. So now I have all the gifts and one more day to work then the hard work really begins….


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