Holiday…. or the lack of

So it’s been a week since I finished work, this time last week I was out eating, drinking and generally being merry with ‘the gang.’

The original plan was to book a holiday for the summer, somewhere hot, all inclusive, with a pool, possibly kids club and some evening entertainment. Simple …. maybe not.

So far everything is really expensive or not somewhere we want to visit or been and not going back.

At least we’ve gone from ‘I don’t mind where we go’ to a shortlist of places we’d all like to see/visit (although to be honest I’m planning on sleeping round a pool for most of it)

So tomorrow I’m going to annoy some travel agents because we all need something to look forward too.

Failing that, the sun is shining and the garden’s looking good. Did I mention that we’ve started decking it now the kitchen/dining room is completed…. building with my mother never ends.



2 thoughts on “Holiday…. or the lack of

  1. All the building and decorating is looking fantastic, well done to all of you. Oscar’s room is great. You haven’t got time for a holiday or maybe you need a rest. Enjoy your break from work, I’m so jealous.

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