10 days in …

So I’ve been unemployed for 10 days.

It’s the strangest feeling because it feels like months ago since I was at work. I miss the people, the giggles but not the actual work. I still have a similar routine, although getting up a little later, as I can take Oscar to school and collect him. It’s been lovely chatting to parents in the playground as I often didn’t get much chance before, and homework doesn’t feel so rushed and stressed which is always a bonus.

It’s given my mum a bit of a rest in the mornings as she used to sort his breakfast and see him off, and having both of us around has also meant that the kitchen is finally finished, the dining room floor is down and the decking is back in the garden.

Now the house is (mostly) sorted out I should be able to get to the allotment more and get stuck in there, if the rain stops.

Still no holiday booked, but we will get one eventually for now I’m enjoying each day as it comes.


One thought on “10 days in …

  1. The house looks fantastic; it will definitely be worth the effort when it’s completed! Getting into a new routine is always a bit strange at first, but it sounds as though you have positive things beginning in your life, and sometimes a really fresh start is exactly what you need. I hope the sunny weather has been keeping your spirits lifted! 🙂 x

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