Weekly round up #2

Monday was a stressful day, my first visit to the job centre with all the horror stories (and Jeremy Kyle) I wasn’t looking forward to it. The place itself wasn’t too bad but the ‘job coach’ wasn’t exactly friendly, helpful or welcoming. Anyway, after an hour ‘being told’ what I had to do I left with more questions than answers and generally feeling a little low. A quick look online and I found a couple of jobs which appealed so the application form filling began.

Tuesday, I felt much better about things and decided to forget the ‘job coach’ (even if they were emailing me a million unsuitable jobs every day) and sort myself out. So armed with notebook and laptop I spent the day CV writing, and form filling. I felt much better.

Wednesday and it was back to the job centre and the dreaded ‘job coach’ this time it was a better experience, I met one of the girls I worked with, so had a lovely and much needed hug, plus one of the staff there used to work in our building so had a catch up and laugh. All this seemed to turn ‘job coach’ into a human and a much more pleasant person.

Thursday was a day off from job hunting, I went to Liverpool to wedding plan with my brother and his fiance (and several others from both families). It was a lovely morning, the wedding coordinator is wonderful and very organised. She answered all our questions and had suggestions for things we hadn’t thought of. The families are doing a lot of it ourselves, personal touch means so much more than shop bought. Lunch was gorgeous and it was the last day the sun shone. I also bought a few special gifts for our ‘favourite’ teacher.

Friday was another day of job searches and form filling, I’ve decided I’m only applying for jobs I want or like. I don’t think the job coach will be happy but tough. The Euro 2016 football started, I love international football, and we sat down and watched, made bets and guessed scores. We’re all supporting different teams for a multitude of reasons so it’s making it much more interesting.  Oscar got the France scoreline correct.

Saturday was a busy one, Oscar had Tae Kwon-do grading for a new belt first thing in the morning, then we had a trip to the cinema to see angry birds, the music is ok but the film was dire, made worse by lots of little uncontrolled children running around the place. Then home for more football, Wales (Gareth Bale) for Oscar and another correct scoreline, then the England match, as usual they played well but still couldn’t win.


Sunday was a rainy day, so finished homework and then had a minecraft session. We dipped in and out the football today but never settled to watch for long.

I have to share this week’s highlight, sorting Oscar’s school bag on Thursday and noticed he’d (very badly) ‘forged’ my signature in his reading book, when I asked him about it his reply was ‘it’s ok I told the teacher you’d been drinking’ – I don’t even drink  !




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