Clear out time and memories

I needed to find an important letter. I knew where it was, in ‘the drawer’ everyone has one or possibly more, the place you put everything to be kept and sorted/dealt with later. Yesterday was that day.

I spent around 2 hours sorting all the paperwork into two piles, must be kept and to be destroyed. Then I went through each pile again just to check nothing important had gone in the wrong pile, that has happened before.

I found the letter I needed plus many other memories, old cards, pictures Oscar had made at nursery, school reports for both myself and Oscar, plus lots of photos.Many happy memories and some sad ones.

I found this..


the only photo I have of Phil and I together. He was a brilliant photographer and was always behind the camera but on this day out to visit my aunt near Lancaster and passer by offered to take one of us all together and it now has pride of place on my wall. I miss this man every day and talk to him and about him often.



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