Weekly round up #4

Guess what I forgot to do yesterday, that’s right press publish (at least I saved it)

It’s been a funny week, lots and nothing in one. The weather is being bonkers as usual for Britain, sunny one minute then cold and rainy the next.

Anyway the week went like this…

Monday was a quiet catch up day, sending off job applications and sorting bedrooms and wardrobes.

Tuesday was a clear out of more cupboards and drawers, lots went but everywhere looks exactly the same. How can that be ? I had a look around a school that I’ve applied to for a job. Pre-interview interviews seem to be the way forward.

Wednesday the car went to the garage for a much needed service, more job applications sent then a walk around the local shops with mum.  I went to the jobcentre, still haven’t had any money because my job coach was on holiday so couldn’t press the button to release my payment. Thank goodness for my wages last month, I understand why people are using food banks and being made homeless more and more. A sad state of affairs.

Thursday I decided to have a day off from applications and job hunting, I went to vote then went looking for a swimming/bathing costume for our holidays. No luck but we came up with a few new ideas for wedding favours for my brothers wedding later in the year.

One of a pair of Jays that visit our garden most mornings and evenings. 

Friday was a strange day, everyone was angry, confused, upset, overjoyed, surprised and excited by the EU referendum result. What’s done is done, now we need to be decent human beings, accept that each person has opinions and get on with life again. Today was also sports day, the weather wasn’t the best but with a couple of quick dashes into the hut they managed to complete about three quarters before the monsoon arrived and it was abandoned. Oscar came second in one of his races and 5th in a race he wasn’t down for !


Saturday I bought a swimming costume, it’s lovely, bright and cheery. I don’t know if it’s all the changes in the weather but this weekend I’ve felt very headachy and ‘not right’ Oscar was with his dad this weekend so the rest of the day was watching films, football and minecrafting (Oscar sets me challenges when he’s away)

Sunday was a quiet day, a lie in and watching football day. I have an interview tomorrow so best go and prepare.

Wish me luck !


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