I’m knitting again

I enjoy knitting, I’m not the best at it and can really only do basic increase, decrease and simple patterns but I enjoy seeing something start to take shape and come together.

After a traumatic experience recently with a sweater pattern the wool and needles had been in the cupboard for a little while but an article on facebook has prompted them to be released from their prison and put to good use.


The local hospital maternity special care baby unit is running low on premie hats. In the past I have made blankets and milk squares for them so I’ve downloaded the pattern, sorted my wool and started knitting again.


They’re so tiny and quick to make up, it’s a pleasure to do it. Also as Oscar was prem and well cared for and supported in special care it’s only right to give something back as a THANK YOU to all the wonderful staff that kept him alive those first few weeks and the amazing support I was given during that time.



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