A is for …..

Allotment and the bane of my life currently, I took over a very overgrown double plot with a very good friend almost a year ago and it’s been a battle against nature every since. I love it, it was an escape from a desk job before the redundancy and since it’s been a focus.

At some point in the next five years I hope to be growing veg again, as you can see it’s not a short term fad but a long term journey and not the x-factor kind.

The previous owner was over 90 when he died and for many years he used his ‘war stories’ to stop the council from removing him from his very overgrown plot. He obviously loved roses and gooseberries as the plot is covered in them and they have huge thorns.


After a few sessions with shears, saw, brush cutters, a rake and a burner we have finally made a dent into the undergrowth and can see the ground but it’s still a long way from ready to plant, a dry autumn/winter and a rotavator will help us massively. Every visit we make plans for the next visit but these are often changed the second we arrive as something else needs doing/fixing or takes our attention.

A monster challenge, ongoing headache and hard work but one that’s worth it, so be prepared for more blogs and photos of this project in the future.


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