D is for ….

Diary and calendar, without it I’d be lost. My memory is shocking so I write everything down or it doesn’t get done. Sometimes people laugh at me because I make lists for everything but if I don’t then I forget stuff.

Without a list holidays usually begin with a trip to the shops to buy things I’ve forgotten and need, toothbrushes, hairbrush and socks are the first to come to mind but many others too.

My phone is full of reminders, calendar alerts and notes, I carry a notepad and a planner with me. Recently I have started photographing things, posters, books, timetables, anything that catches my eye and I’d like or need to remember.

Remember Dory, well I am Dory …..


2 thoughts on “D is for ….

  1. Congrats! Using photos is great. Simple. I use “memo” app and Evernote. Evernote is free. You can use photos, websites, text, and tags. I also use Pinterest. I thought I’d get confused with so many methods but I just flow with the intuitive nature and it’s fine.

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