E is for …..

Eczema it’s driving me and Oscar bonkers.

He has patches on the sides of each knee and another patch on the nape of his neck which is really itchy and driving him insane. He started as a baby and everything the doctor prescribed or suggested made it worse, a taster session at baby massage did the trick, plain old olive oil worked. Every evening in a warm room I stripped him off and rubbed it into his skin then left it to soak it for a while, then dressed him again. Within days it had faded and after a month completely gone. When he was younger it was easy to spot a flare up starting and deal with it but now he’s older and showering/bathing alone it’s not and he only mentions it when it hurts/bleeds or really itches.

The latest flare up (I think) is stress related, it’s been a busy year getting ready for 11+ exams so we are doing everything possible but as soon as I think its easing and we’ve got a handle on it then it flares up again. I’m hoping some sunshine will help although usually swimming sets his skin back a bit. I’m all stocked up on creams and lotions ready for our holiday, so watch this space …..

E is also for ERIC

The most wonderful step-dad and grandpa anyone could ask for. He’s our super star, even if he is a blue !


6 thoughts on “E is for …..

  1. My little girl suffers from facial eczema we found lush’s dream cream to be the only thing that helped clear it. A bath with Oats in also helped if ever either of the kids had dry skin. 🙂

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    1. We’re on holiday at the moment and the sunshine has had an amazing effect, all clear. Also the pool has no chlorine only a mild saline and hasn’t bothered him at all thankfully 😃 xx

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