F is for …..

Friendships, I don’t have many close friends but the ones I do have understand that I might not see them for days, weeks or months at a time but if ever they need me I will drop everything and come running.

I rarely ask for help, assistance or time as I’m stupidly independant but I have a couple of people I know that in times of need I can text, call and they also will be there for me. I have a handful of very close friends and I cherish these special people for sticking with me as I know I’m a pain in the butt.

Losing Phil earlier this year was a huge blow, he was my oldest and closest friend, the person who probably knew me the best (and still came back for more) it still wipes me out when I realise he’s gone. The doorbell will ring and I’ll go to the door expecting to see him but it’s someone else, the disappointment is overwhelming or passing a favourite restaurant and realising we’ll never go again. Sometimes I feel guilty for enjoying myself without him here.

Thankfully I still have Jenny, the only other person who understands my stupid ways as much as Phil ever did, she listens when I need to talk and leaves me be when I need to be quiet but with someone around, she just gets me. I  think in many ways we are very similar but also our differences are what helps the other one the most.

Like I said I’m very loyal and will be there for anyone who needs me…. Just ask and I’ll be there.


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