V is for …

Verona, Italy.

Italy is one of my all time favourite places, so that’s why I chose to get married there. It wasn’t easy and involved 6 months of planning with lots of translating of documents, sending said documents to different parts of Italy then finally getting permission. Thankfully I found a wonderful company in London who dealt with all the technical details and left me to get on with the organising of the extras, plus the holiday.

Verona is a beautiful place, the amphitheatre often has operas and of course no trip is complete without a trip to Juliet’s balcony.

So the marriage may not have lasted but I don’t blame Italy and still love the place.



T is for …

Tinnitus, the bane of my life. A few years ago I tripped walking to work and banged my forehead on the pavement. It was pretty gruesome and I’m very lucky to still be here. I impressed quite a few doctors in A&E with the lump on my head. Thankfully I didn’t break any bones.

Unfortunately it also left me with tinnitus, which at times can be overwhelming. Usually after being in a noisy environment or hearing a loud/high pitched sound it will be particularly bad, night-time being the worst as the quiet in the house makes it sound so much louder.

Some days it’s barely there and I enjoy these days but even at it’s worst I remember how lucky I am to still be here with nothing more serious than ringing, noisy ears.

S is for …

Seasons, I like all the different seasons and watching the transitions from one to the next, although to hear my mother you’d think we lived in constant rain and sub-zero conditions all year round.

Living so close to the park means seeing the trees change from the bare winter branches, to cherry blossom spring, then onto full dark green enclosed treetops and then the colour-change of autumn and the piles of crunchy leaves underfoot.

I love how the sounds alter with the seasons, the muffled slowness of the traffic on snowy,icy roads and the shrieking, giggling children of the summer. The quietness during the rain of spring and autumn.

I couldn’t choose a favourite as they all have good and bad points for me, what about you ? Do you have a favourite season and why ?


R is for …

running, years ago (pre-child) I used to run/jog. I enjoyed it but since Oscar came along I stopped, however I’ve put it on my 50 things list to  encourage the re-start. I’ve taken the first step and bought new trainer and we have re-joined the gym, as we both enjoy swimming and I want to teach Oscar squash. Now I just need to get there on a regular enough basis to get into a proper run schedule.

Wish me luck as time is running out for my marathon !

Q is for …

Questions. The joy of being a parent means the never-ending questions, why, how, where, when, do I have too ?

Google is my best friend for the bizarre and wacky questions that Oscar randomly (on a daily basis) comes up with. As my mum said a few days ago ‘who wired his brain up ?’ but his randomness is what makes life interesting.

Ask a question and it will be answered (within reason)

P is for …

Peace, until recently i worked in a very busy, open-plan office with telephones ringing, people chatting, keyboards clacking and printers usually being kicked into life , It was noisy, then I’d come home to t.v’s and radios and quite often would take myself off to my bedroom for 10 minutes quiet time to re-focus. I’ve always enjoyed the quiet and love nothing more than curling up in a quiet, distraction free room to read or knit, or even just sit.

Oscar is similar, he can get a bit stressed by busy, noisy places so small doses followed by a quiet session somewhere is usually a good plan. Again at home he prefers to plug in his headphones and curl up alone and block out all other noise to concentrate. Quite often he will sit with headphones on not plugged in but just for the peace and quiet, this can be annoying when you need him and he doesn’t answer.

I think deep down everyone needs a little quiet time once in awhile.