H is for …..

Holidays, finally we are going on a holiday. Yippee. Apart from a few days away in the UK with Oscar I’ve not had a foreign holiday for 5 years.

Earlier this year I was made redundant and made a decision to have the summer with Oscar including a relaxing family, lie by the pool holiday.So it’s booked, two weeks in Spain. I’m not sure who is looking forward to it more, me for the reading (even though my kindle has died and has been replaced) and relaxing sunshine or Oscar for the churros and Lays crisps !


Before Oscar came along I had a holiday abroad at least once a year for a minimum two weeks and have been very lucky to have travelled to stunning, amazing places. Some of them I’d like to show Oscar and possibly will one day.

I don’t usually like going to places I’ve already visited but with a young(ish) child it’s time for chilled out poolside holidays and holiday friendships.



My current holiday wish list includes Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, Sicily, Norway and Iceland but I’m sure it will be added too.


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