A dream come true

We have recently been on a family holiday to Spain, my first holiday in a while (H is for …..) but whilst there I discovered the chance to complete one of my tasks from the (50 things blog post)

We swam with dolphins, it was an amazing experience. It all started from a leaflet from a rep at the hotel for a day trip to the local water wildlife park. A place we have visited before and enjoyed however reading the leaflet they did a dolphin experience where you could spend an hour swimming with them. A chance of a lifetime, a dream come true.

I have seen wild dolphins swimming in India but the chance to be up close swimming with them couldn’t be missed, and so it was booked.

On the day we got to the park early and walked around watching the other shows and seeing all the other animals but all we could think about was our adventure to come.

At 1.30 we met up with grandma and grandpa to watch the dolphin show and pass over our bags, then at 1.45pm we met up with the guide and went and changed into our wetsuits.IMG_4337.JPG

Then we had a quick briefing and rules, no sudden movements, shouting or screaming but most important follow the instructors and have fun.

Then we got into the water, it was warm which was a surprise (warmer than the hotel pool) around 26 degrees and very salty. First we stayed at the side of the pool and put on snorkels with the 3 dolphins swimming just below us, then we held one arm out to the side and the dolphins swam past allowing us to stroke them, gently feeling their skin and fins.

Next we swam out to the middle of the pool and give hand signals for the dolphins to follow, we ‘danced’ in circles with them and they jumped over us as we swam. Then kisses, one of the dolphins took a liking to Oscar and he got many more kisses then the rest of us as it kept going back to him even when given hand signals to move along the group.

We posed for photos…

Look at those smiles. A day we will never forget.


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