J is for ….

Journeys, we’ve made quite a few recently with our holiday to Spain and visiting family in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

I enjoy driving, even with nowhere to go. Just exploring new roads, finding new places. I have driven long distances across the country and love planning new journeys, usually with my little co-pilot by my side.

When travelling long distances, especially to somewhere we’ve never been before, I have 3 rules I always follow….

  • Pre-set the sat nav with postcodes of all places in the area we are going, hotels, tourist destinations, places to eat.
  • I always check the directions manually, usually google maps or AA route finder.
  • I write easy to follow bullet points for my co-pilot to watch for, mostly motorway junctions numbers for leaving/joining and place names.

My co-pilot is a reader, like myself, he doesn’t go far without a book, and he loves reading parts out to me usually things he finds hilarious or doesn’t understand, however on long journeys we also play games in the car, making phrases from car number plates, car bingo (printed beforehand) and I-spy, these all keep us chuckling along the way.

My favourite journeys so far have been to Warwick, where we stayed in a tiny retro caravan on a camp site and any trip to Yorkshire, I love the countryside and all the little villages along the way. I am currently in the process of planning some new adventures for us.

More blogs to follow …


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