P is for …

Peace, until recently i worked in a very busy, open-plan office with telephones ringing, people chatting, keyboards clacking and printers usually being kicked into life , It was noisy, then I’d come home to t.v’s and radios and quite often would take myself off to my bedroom for 10 minutes quiet time to re-focus. I’ve always enjoyed the quiet and love nothing more than curling up in a quiet, distraction free room to read or knit, or even just sit.

Oscar is similar, he can get a bit stressed by busy, noisy places so small doses followed by a quiet session somewhere is usually a good plan. Again at home he prefers to plug in his headphones and curl up alone and block out all other noise to concentrate. Quite often he will sit with headphones on not plugged in but just for the peace and quiet, this can be annoying when you need him and he doesn’t answer.

I think deep down everyone needs a little quiet time once in awhile.


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