N is for …

Nature and being outdoors. Whilst I love to curl up in a corner with a book or some knitting I also love being outdoors and try to get out and about as much as possible.

Living so close to the river, beaches, woodlands, parks and the Welsh mountains is a real bonus and gives us many options to explore different surroundings at very little cost.

Of course there’s also the allotment (or jungle) which provides plenty of scope for strenuous outdoor time.

This summer has been fairly dry so plenty of time to explore the great outdoors and take advantage of some of the wonderful activities on our doorstep.


L is for …

Liverpool, my hometown, it’s a big city with lots of history and the most museums/galleries outside of London. It is a city filled with culture and heritage and the Liverpool waterfront is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Liverpool has two cathedrals at either end of Hope street, both are beautiful architectural buildings and very different, well worth a visit.

Liverpool is a famous music city and is the world capital of pop, with more number ones than any other city.

It is home to many sports, including two premiership football teams, horse-racing, rugby, golf, plus lots more.

It’s an easily accessible city as the main train line, coach station and bus station are right in the centre and easy walking distance to many places.

Liverpool is a very family-friendly city and most galleries and museums have free activities/things to do for kids.

There are many theatres and comedy clubs with something for everyone.

It also has coastline and very clean sandy beaches, it is full of parks and green areas too.

And not to be left out, a trip on the famous ‘ferry across the Mersey’

The ‘dazzle ship’ ferry looking across to Birkenhead.

I love my city, come and explore and you will love it too.


K is for ….

knitting, I started a few years ago and I enjoy it although I’m only a novice and stick to simple patterns.

I started with the usual scarves, throw/blankets and shawls.

I bought a few knitting pattern books and  with a little practise started making other things, some for other people.

After a few disastrous attempts at a sweater for myself I gave up, threw the wool out of the window and stopped knitting for a couple of months until a few days ago when I made a few tiny baby hats for the local hospital special care unit. It’s started my interest again and I’ve downloaded a couple of patterns to make myself some autumn/winter items. Blog and photo’s to follow (if successful)

J is for ….

Journeys, we’ve made quite a few recently with our holiday to Spain and visiting family in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

I enjoy driving, even with nowhere to go. Just exploring new roads, finding new places. I have driven long distances across the country and love planning new journeys, usually with my little co-pilot by my side.

When travelling long distances, especially to somewhere we’ve never been before, I have 3 rules I always follow….

  • Pre-set the sat nav with postcodes of all places in the area we are going, hotels, tourist destinations, places to eat.
  • I always check the directions manually, usually google maps or AA route finder.
  • I write easy to follow bullet points for my co-pilot to watch for, mostly motorway junctions numbers for leaving/joining and place names.

My co-pilot is a reader, like myself, he doesn’t go far without a book, and he loves reading parts out to me usually things he finds hilarious or doesn’t understand, however on long journeys we also play games in the car, making phrases from car number plates, car bingo (printed beforehand) and I-spy, these all keep us chuckling along the way.

My favourite journeys so far have been to Warwick, where we stayed in a tiny retro caravan on a camp site and any trip to Yorkshire, I love the countryside and all the little villages along the way. I am currently in the process of planning some new adventures for us.

More blogs to follow …

I is for …..

India, my all time favourite place.

My grandpa was stationed in India during his service and he loved it, so when my mum said she was going he was delighted. Unfortunately he died whilst she was there but he wanted her to go and she has done every year since.

She loves the place and I understand why. The first time I went I loved it. Travelling around is really easy and pretty cheap, the country is so diverse and the people are wonderful, after several visits I still have lots to see and look forward to taking Oscar in the future.

A dream come true

We have recently been on a family holiday to Spain, my first holiday in a while (H is for …..) but whilst there I discovered the chance to complete one of my tasks from the (50 things blog post)

We swam with dolphins, it was an amazing experience. It all started from a leaflet from a rep at the hotel for a day trip to the local water wildlife park. A place we have visited before and enjoyed however reading the leaflet they did a dolphin experience where you could spend an hour swimming with them. A chance of a lifetime, a dream come true.

I have seen wild dolphins swimming in India but the chance to be up close swimming with them couldn’t be missed, and so it was booked.

On the day we got to the park early and walked around watching the other shows and seeing all the other animals but all we could think about was our adventure to come.

At 1.30 we met up with grandma and grandpa to watch the dolphin show and pass over our bags, then at 1.45pm we met up with the guide and went and changed into our wetsuits.IMG_4337.JPG

Then we had a quick briefing and rules, no sudden movements, shouting or screaming but most important follow the instructors and have fun.

Then we got into the water, it was warm which was a surprise (warmer than the hotel pool) around 26 degrees and very salty. First we stayed at the side of the pool and put on snorkels with the 3 dolphins swimming just below us, then we held one arm out to the side and the dolphins swam past allowing us to stroke them, gently feeling their skin and fins.

Next we swam out to the middle of the pool and give hand signals for the dolphins to follow, we ‘danced’ in circles with them and they jumped over us as we swam. Then kisses, one of the dolphins took a liking to Oscar and he got many more kisses then the rest of us as it kept going back to him even when given hand signals to move along the group.

We posed for photos…

Look at those smiles. A day we will never forget.