Y is for …

Youth, sometimes I wish I could go back in time, do things differently. But then I start to think when, when would I go to ? What would I do differently and how would things have changed ?

It’s impossible to pick a good point in time because you start to remember all the things that happened after that and they might never occur, friends might never be met, boyfriends, jobs might never happen, what would it be like ? Who would I be ?

I think sometimes it does us good to look backwards occasionally as it reminds us how far we’ve come, all we have achieved and the possibilities for the future.

Good luck for whatever the future holds, we’re all heading there…..


2 thoughts on “Y is for …

  1. I often wonder what I could have done differently, mainly career wise! But also if have made the most of the freedom of being young before having to take ages to get everyone in the car and taking everything except the kitchen sink!

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    1. I think once you have children it’s hard to imagine going back to a time without them, and what did I do with all that time before he was born ? I must of had hours and hours of free time but don’t remember doing anything interesting with it 🤔

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