The Reading Challenge

The book challenge has been selected and I’ve even started, I’ve chosen a book challenge from Instagram #26BOOKSwithBringingUpBurns, although I’m not linking it to or including it as part of the 365 photo challenge.

Here is the list:

  1. A book with water on the cover – Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King
  2. A book set on a school campus – The Penguin Lessons by Tom Michell
  3. A book with a murder or a mystery – The haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe by Brian Keaney
  4. A book about siblings – Secrets of the Tides by Hannah Richelle
  5. A book with a great first line
  6. A book written in the decade you were born. – Interview with a vampire by Anne Rice
  7. A book with a number in the title – 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs
  8. A book that will help you grow.
  9. A book from the library – Almost all of my books are from the library. 
  10. A book about a vacation or road trip
  11. A book with food in the title – Soy sauce for beginners by Kirsten Chen
  12. A book based on a historical event. – 11.22.63 by Stephen King
  13. A book you’ve been meaning to read – The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins
  14. A book that has won an award.
  15. A book you read with a friend – Dark by Paul L Arvidson 
  16. An autobiography or memoir – A life discarded (148 diaries found in a skip) by Alexander Masters
  17. A book with a one word title – Room by Emma Donoghue
  18. A book over 400 pages.
  19. A book set in the future.
  20. A book with magic in it. – The ocean at the end of the lane by Neil Gaiman
  21. A book you learnt about because of this challenge.
  22. A book based on a true story – The poisoner, the life and crime of  Victorian England’s most notorious doctor by Stephen Bates
  23. A New York times best-seller
  24. A book off the ALA’s banned & challenged classics list. – Lord of the flies by William Golding
  25. A book that will make you laugh.
  26. A favourite book from your childhood. – Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
  27. One free swap-out – read any book of your choice.

I love reading and regularly visit the library, now I carry a notebook with this list and as you can see I’ve already completed a few. It makes looking for books more of a challenge, planning what to look for in advance.

Any suggestions welcomed…

Updated from an earlier blog post, so far so good. Only a few months remaining to complete the challenge and it’s looking promising.


10 thoughts on “The Reading Challenge

      1. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ve read all the Harry Potter books so will look at something different for magic. I’ve not read any of your other suggestions so I’ve made a note and will look for them in the library and on my travels.

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