The month so far …

September has been a busy month so far, back to school has given us routine back into our lives, however it’s a little stressful as exams are coming up.

I’m back on the job hunt again, a million applications and C.V’s sent but still no luck yet. I’m considering selling body parts, although most of them are falling apart so not sure I’ll be making mega-bucks any time soon.

I am missing work though, I miss the routine, people and feeling useful. I loved finishing a days work (even doing the most boring of jobs) and feeling like I’d completed something. Getting dressed just doesn’t have to same sense of satisfaction.  One of the hardest things I’ve found is loneliness, I miss the daily chatting and catch ups. I spend hours each day sitting at the computer, chatting nonsense whilst doing applications and get nothing in return. One day this computer will answer me back and frighten the life out of me !!

One advantage of the extra time has given me chance to work on the The Reading Challenge and My film challenge dilemma from 50 things plus some knitting.



3 thoughts on “The month so far …

  1. Wishing you the best of luck job hunting. I am waiting each day for a call from the agency and each day that I don’t get a call is really hard. I have to have a plan a and plan b for every day otherwise I’d go crackers!

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