A busy week

What a week, feels like I’ve packed a months activities into 6 days !

Monday started with the arrival of ‘the wasp man’ we have been plagued this summer with 2 wasps nests, one in the front of the house, inside the garden wall and not too much of a problem but the other was under the eaves and inside the roof. This one was directly above Oscar’s bedroom and meant we haven’t been able to open the windows as they fly in, both mum and I have been stung a few times and its very painful. He arrived, sprayed and left, 10 minutes but within an hour everything was quiet, no sign of any wasps. Then I had another visit to the job centre, thankfully to see a new adviser who was not only human but very helpful and I left feeling much happier and supported. More job applications completed again. School was a strange day for Oscar as many of the children in his class were absent to do the 11 + exam, we decided it was possibly a step too far for him and our local grammar school wasn’t the best school for him. He had a solo music lesson and did an excellent job, finger crossed he will be doing his next music exam soon.

Tuesday, I had no plans other than sitting at the computer filling in applications again, until at 10am I received a phone call asking me to go for an interview at mid-day, short notice but off I went. It went well, unfortunately I didn’t have experience in one area, they had a different position but at another location. I very sadly had to say no as it wasn’t close enough. We had a quick look in the loft at the wasp progress, he said it would take a week or two for them to die off, it was much quieter but still a lot flying around the light. We closed up quickly and left them to it.

Wednesday was to be my quiet form filling day (again) until I remembered a nurse appointment and blood test, not a fasting one thankfully. I darted out of the house and just made it in time. The nurse wasn’t happy with my blood pressure (nothing new there) so possible more or different medication required, thats for the doctor to decide next week. Personally I think a job would sort everything out, I did ask but they haven’t got any currently.

Thursday started with form filling and applications galore, but then boredom set in so took a break and went shopping with mum. I’m glad we did because I found the perfect dress for my brothers wedding next month. A dress !! For someone who lives in jeans and trainers it was such a shock to find a dress which I love, fits well and feels comfortable. I need to find shoes but I’ll leave that adventure for another day.

Friday was a very stressful day, for us all, Oscar was doing the entrance exam for a local secondary school. He decided last year this was the school he was going to, nothing was going to change his mind. So he’s been doing prep for the exam but finally the day had arrived. He has been stressed about it and when we arrived the number of children was a little overwhelming, thankfully, due to some conditions he suffers from, he was in a small, quiet, room and fully supported throughout. I knew what kind of day it was going to be so I booked mum and I in to get a haircut, knowing this would keep us occupied, and it worked for a while. I’ve never been so glad to  collect him from school. He seemed very positive and said he did his best, what more can any parent ask…

Saturday we did nothing, apart from reading, relaxing, watching football (my team won, the boys team lost) and sleeping, still a few wasps flying around in the loft but we were able to get in there and put some things away.

Today I’ve completed even more applications, someone will get bored of seeing my name and employ me.

Hopefully next week will include some more interviews and a few quieter days.




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