Life and moving forwards

2016 has been a year of many changes, lots of losses and not many gains. It’s been a sad, lonely year mostly but it’s time to move forward, happier times await.

I hit a bit of a wall the last few weeks with the blog, so much sadness but writing about it made me sadder, which is why I didn’t post them (my draft folder is filling up nicely though)

One thing I enjoyed doing earlier this year was my A-Z list and I thought I would have another go, focusing on the positives may bring back some joy and happiness that has been missing. More challenging this time not to duplicate anything from the last list.

So today we move forwards.


4 thoughts on “Life and moving forwards

  1. Adaptability , I’ll start you off with a positive A word. You have had a year full of ups and downs , sadness and loss , pain and joy, but through all of it you have been amazingly strong . You have adapted to new challenges and I think you have truly shown how strong you are x 💜
    2017 will be better.

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    1. Thank you. It’s been a roller coaster year, too many things happened in such a short time that it was very overwhelming but new routines and talking about it helps x


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