Shopping and me …

I hate shopping at the best of times, I don’t window shop, browse or wander the shops for fun. It’s my idea of hell. So Christmas shopping is even worse, the shops are busier and everyone is wandering around lost, bored or stuck for inspiration.

Christmas shopping I plan for, I know who I’m buying for, amount I can afford and things they like. Then I shop. So after a weekend bombarded by emails about ‘Black Friday deals’ starting from today I decided to go out and get it all done. First shop I went into had the item on display with the lower price, ‘can I get one of those please?’ the answer was ‘no, sorry that’s just the display model, they coming in on Thursday night for the Friday sale’ So why advertise them on sale from today !

Next shop, I checked online and showed they had stock, went inside asked for the product and it’s out of stock. ‘That’s not what it says online’ the answer was ‘that’s not up to date, we’re getting more in at the end of the week’, that’ll be after the voucher I have expires !

So today was a nightmare, guess where I’m going to be at 6 am on Friday morning ….. and if I don’t get the things I’m going for you might see fireworks, wherever you are in the world.



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