Another silly list

There’s another one of those lists doing the rounds again, but after reading a few different people responses I thought it would be a good one to do on here.

So here goes…. (and it’s only a bit of fun)

  • Tattoo’s – I don’t have any or plan to get one
  • Piercings – I have the standard ear piercings (when I remember to put them in)
  • Marriages – Just the one
  • Divorces – Just the one
  • Pregnancies – Just the one (see a pattern ?)
  • Children – One perfect one, in my eyes anyway.
  • Surgeries – at least 4, not counting the ones on my ears as a child.
  • Shot a gun – No but had one pointed at me.
  • Quit a job – Only once a long time ago.
  • Flown in a plane – Yes
  • Flown in  a helicopter – Yes, over the Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon
  • Gone over a 1000 miles in a car – Yes, but not in one trip
  • Hit a deer – Thankfully no
  • Gone zip lining – not yet but it’s on the list
  • Cried over someone – Yes, often
  • Fell in love – Yes
  • Skipped school – not that I remember
  • Watched someone give birth – No, not even myself, I slept through it all.
  • Watched someone die – Yes, unfortunately.
  • Been on a blind date – Yes
  • Been to Scotland – Yes, but only Edinburgh
  • Been to Wales – Yes, a few different places.
  • Been to France – Yes, a few places but it’s not my favourite European country
  • Been to America – Yes, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Memphis, New Orleans and Hawaii, although I’ve also passed through airports in many other parts of America.
  • Been to Disneyland (America or Paris) – No
  • Visited Legoland – Yes
  • Been on a cruise – No
  • Ridden in an ambulance – Yes, several times with my clumsy brother as a child and myself during pregnancy.
  • Sang karaoke – No, I like to sing in private, usually in the car.
  • Laughed so much you cried – Yes, especially at the silly things my son says/does.
  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue – Not that I can remember but next time it snows I will try it.
  • Served on a jury – No
  • Played in a band – No
  • Had a pet – Yes, dogs, fish and even a cat.
  • Been sledding on a big hill – Yes
  • Been downhill skiing – No, it doesn’t appeal, holidays should be sunny and hot
  • Rode on a motorbike – Yes
  • Rode on a horse – Yes, a few times
  • Stayed in hospital – Yes, 6 weeks was my longest spell, 4 weeks before I gave birth and 2 weeks after.
  • Donated blood – I am not allowed but would if I could.
  • Driven a shift stick – Tried but very uncoordinated, I drive automatic
  • Rode in the back of a police car – Not yet but there’s still plenty of time.
  • Ridden a camel – No
  • Ridden a donkey – Of course, in Blackpool as a child
  • Jumped out of a plane – No
  • Been on TV – No
  • Been scuba diving – No
  • Lived on your own – Yes
  • Had a speeding ticket – No
  • Had stitches – Yes and staples
  • Travelled alone – Yes

So now you know –  what about you, how many have you done ? Anything on here you’d like to do, would never do or do on a regular basis ?



2 thoughts on “Another silly list

    1. That’s what started the 50 things before 50 list, to give me a push to do more ‘challenging’ things. It’s been some of the scary ones that I’ve enjoyed the most.


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