What a year, it started filled with promise, hope and adventure which very quickly became sadness, disappointment and dread.

So I started the year with the news of redundancy, scary enough but with family and a good friend by my side it was nothing I couldn’t handle. We started making plans, holidays, adventures, new job ideas.

Then March arrived and I lost my best friend, very suddenly and it was devastating. Very quickly life and plans changed.

May and redundancy came round even quicker, and with no Phil around, the adventure plans and short breaks were shelved and the job applications started. The job hunt was one of the most demoralising experiences I have ever had. Over 1000 applications made with around 50 acknowledgements and 15 interviews.

With no job in sight I spent the summer doing fun things with Oscar and trying to get some happy back into our lives. It worked, a little.

Finally in October it seemed that things were turning around, first my brother got married and then I was offered a job but with only a small number of hours a week. It was something at least, I had routine and felt useful again. It was an enjoyable job, but with such few hours I needed to keep looking for something else, and it came along. Again only part time but it’s keeping me busy and bringing in a little money whilst I keep looking.

December and Christmas arrived in a flash of colour and chaos, family time and quiet time whist Oscar is away with his dad. A time for reflection, organisation and planning.

Even though there have been a few very high, good points overall 2016 will go down as the year of sadness, loss and disappointment.




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