No resolutions 

I’m not making resolutions this year, they only seem to lead to disappointment when I fail to meet them. Instead I’ve got a few objectives I’d like to achieve. 

The first is regular, if sometimes short, blog updates. I’m aiming to do at least one a week. 

The second is to keep a diary (2 actually) both very short and easy to write at the end of the day.  

Third is to carry on with the 50 things list and update the progress to date asap. Especially the films and book challenges from last year. 

The fourth is declutter and clear out. I have so much junk it’s not even funny anymore. 2017 is the year of donating.

The fifth and final is the most important one, to spend more time with family and friends. More visiting and catching up in person instead of online. 

So for now it’s good night and I’ll speak to you soon.

Have fun, stay safe and be happy xx


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