A quick update

This blog started because of a list, more specifically the 50 things list.

When I started it was a bit scary, writing about ‘things’ then sending out into the big, bad world but after a few weeks and some kind comments I started to enjoy it. It was fun thinking of things to write about and plenty seemed to be going in or about to happen.

Then the world turned upside down, for me anyway, and writing became torture. Thinking about trying to write anything whilst feeling so sad and low was not a priority, getting dressed, looking after a child, trying to find a job and putting on a smiley face was.

So I thought it was time to get back to and I’d start where it all began and hopefully the spark will return.

I have updated the 50 things list with the achievements for the last year and will continue to try and get everything completed, still a few years left …..



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