Job hunting continues….

This week has made me a little bit angry and just a tad disheartened. After spending hours completing application forms I had an interview on Monday.

The usual questions,  everything went well and at the end the standard question, do you have anything you wish to ask ?

I asked a couple of questions to clarify a few things and finished with ‘when will you make a decision and are you informing both successful and unsuccessful’ – the answer was by close of business tomorrow (Tuesday) and yes, we will notify either way.

So I waited, and waited and guess what….. nothing. Yes, nothing.

Well not from them anyway, I did get two separate emails from other companies thanking me for my application but ‘after an internal audit they were no longer recruiting’ Why didn’t they do this beforehand and not waste everyone’s time. One of the applications took around two hours, the other about an hour and half.

I should be grateful really, at least with these I had a response, around 90% of the applications I send get nothing, not even an automated thank you we’ll be in touch.

Please, all I ask is if you are recruiting then take a little time to check beforehand that you actually have a vacancy to fill, and an automated message at least gives reassurance that someone is on the other end and possibly even interested.

Employers expect honesty from applicants, but it needs to work both ways. I might be unemployed but I spend around 8 hours sitting at my computer filling in forms, my time is as precious as anyone else’s.

Sorry for the rant x


12 thoughts on “Job hunting continues….

  1. I feel your pain. It is time consuming to fill in the forms, nerve wracking to attend interviews and soul destroying when you don’t hear back. The only consolation is that your interview preparation stands you in good stead going forward, stick with it and keep going. I’m sure you will find just what you are looking for soon 💜

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  2. I agree with everything that you have said. Not only do you spend an enormous amount of time applying for jobs, you also have to jump through hoops if you manage to get to the interview stage. Often you are required to have experience and knowledge far above the actual job that you have applied for! Listen to me ranting now!!!
    You go for it rant away .

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  3. Good luck with the job hunt. It is a rather thankless task really, but somewhat necessary for most of us. There is nothing more frustrating than either delay or no responses at all. I hope the perfect opportunity presents itself to you soon. Xxx

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